A new book, published in collaboration between Nicola Stewart and Evelina London, is set to provide insight for parents and carers of children with digestive disorders. Read more here

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Does your child suffer from an unpredictable, painful,
chronic illness?
You are not alone.
My son was born at 24 weeks and suffers from an invisible and life-limiting disability.

I set up Positively Chronic so that I could share the services and resources that have been vital in helping us to

care for our child.  

It is the place I needed when I was exhausted and struggling.

Below you will find information, suggestions and resources that might be useful to you if you are a parent like me.




"I have worked with Nicola for the past three years where she has kindly spoken at patient engagement events for medical students on her experiences of caring for a child with complex medical needs.  Nicola is a passionate and engaged speaker, with true authority and personal experience of the challenges many parents face. She always receives excellent feedback and often leaves her audience moved to tears by her honest and frank accounts of the challenges faced by children and their families in the both diagnosis and ongoing management of complex medical needs."

—  Sharon Roberts, General Paediatric Consultant at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.