Lets talk... FIBRE

Fibre is the material that makes up the structure of carbohydrates.

Fibre is hugely beneficial to a healthy gut because it feeds our gut bacteria, and adds bulk to poo.

Most of us need to eat more fibre but for some, too much fibre can be an issue.

A low fibre diet is a little more confusing.

Insoluble fibre, the skin, seeds and threads that hold plants together, can irritate an inflamed colon and further slow down a lazy or obstructed gut.

In this case, foods to avoid include anything made with wholemeal flour, wholegrain cereals and biscuits, fruit and vegetable skins, pulses and nuts.

‘Refined’ carbohydrates have a lot of the fibre removed and can be eaten. These foods include white bread, muffins, bagels and refined breakfast cereals such as Rice Krispies and Cornflakes or plain biscuits such as Rich Tea – all the stuff that is usually regarded as not very healthy!

There are lots of specialist and ’free from’ food alternatives available now but labels must always be checked.

Remember to act on the dietary advice you are given. If you are at all confused contact your child's Dietician.

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