A chat with Spike's respiratory consultant had me 'thinking' about relocating the gerbils and banning the dog from bedrooms. But as is often the case, my thoughts and actions got lost in our daily chaos and a battle with the kids.

Then last week there was the depressing but not surprising news that Vauxhall has hit it’s annual limit for toxic particles - EEEK - really bad for kids like Spike who have #allergicrhinitis, #chroniclungdisease and #sleepapnoea ! (READ THE ARTICLE HERE).

Again I started 'thinking' but in the absence of relocating and saying farewell to the dog and gerbils what could I do other than just feel anxious.

Then an email landed from our friends at #AllergyUK. I am hugely grateful to their blog, or nudge, to #springclean.

Caring for a child with complex medical issues can make you feel really vulnerable. We can't always change where and how we live but we can do little things that allow us to take back some control.

A week of cleaning and the #Mind shop are on the verge of banning me, the dump is fuller, our home is looking fab, the pets are still resident and I am feeling psychologically fitter. Sadly Spike is ill, but maybe once the dust has settled we will wave farewell to snotty noses and snoring.

You can read about my favourite non-toxic cleaning products HERE. The discount should still apply.

And please remember to share your tips - nicola@positivelychronic.com