Operation Ouch!

Nala, Poppy and Spike play a starring role in CBBC’s Bafta-winning medical show Operation Ouch!!

Operation Ouch! presenter Dr Chris visited Evelina London to find out how Nala, sometimes known as ‘Dr Dog’, provides comfort to children in hospital.

Thousands of people of all ages benefit every week from the visits provided by Volunteer PAT Teams, who visit residential homes, hospitals, hospices, schools, day care centres and prisons.

Nala and Sandy, her owner, have been bringing joy, comfort and companionship to many children who appreciate being able to touch and stroke a friendly animal.

If you would like to know how to request a visit read more about Pets As Therapy HERE.


Nala, Poppy and Spike are on Operation Ouch! Hospital Takeover Episode 3 they come on at about 20:49.

Operation Ouch! get the vote as a positive activity in our household.