No knead gluten free bread

A gluten free bread that delivers the crunch that toast should.

Texture is important in our household and shop bought gluten free bread just hasn't passed the Spikes taste test. It is too dry and crumbly for sandwiches, it stick’s to the roof of his mouth, and even burnt it doesn’t seem to crisp up into delicious toast!

Children with reflux like strong flavours and a consistent texture.

They fear foods they can't control, especially one's that get stuck to the roof of their mouth or back of their throat.

With ever increasing despondency and food waste my Mother tracked down How to Cook for Food Allergies by Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne. Hallelujah we have a bread that toasts to perfection.

Spike can now enjoy warm crunchy toast with lashings of melted free from butter and marmite.

This bread requires no kneading. You just mix and bake. It's perfect for us time short carers.

And thanks to Rodale Books I can share their recipe with you.

To order a copy of How to Cook for Food Allergies click HERE.

And here are some photos of our bread: