Free fire safety tests and alarms

On Tuesday the doorbell went and Jasmine, Spike’s gorgeous carer, was rather alarmingly greeted by 4 strapping firemen.

Poppy had booked us a Home Fire Safety Visit!

Ok, so I fess up our smoke alarms got ‘damaged’ during a burnt toast disaster. I know I should have attempted to fix them but I didn’t.

It was a rather alarming situation but the men were charming and incredibly helpful. They worked there way through every room giving us advice and installing brand new and free smoke alarms!

They have saved us a packet and most importantly we are now safe.

Depending on your personal circumstances, they might suggest extra help and support from other organisations. This could be to discuss things like fire retardant bedding or linking a smoke alarm to your Telecare system.

It is an incredible service and I really recommend booking a session (or get one of your children to surprise you!)

You can request a visit

on line here:

or call: 0800 028 4428