Do you have a fussy eater

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I can count on one hand the foods my son will eat.

If you have read our story you will know that Spike was a vigorous vomiter. He has been opened up, sewn up, has been nil by mouth, fed through his veins, tube fed and he has been on endless elimination diets.

Spike doesn’t like crisps, he won’t eat sweets (we have tried) and through choice has never drunk anything but water. That sounds great I hear you say. BUT NO. Now eliminate wheat, gluten, dairy and soya (#restrictiondiets). The #fibre he can’t digest; carrots, sweetcorn, popcorn. Cut back on the foods that cause too much #wind. Add in the foods he is aversive to and we are left with very little choice.

Eating should be enjoyable but for many children it is painful, frightening and very frustrating.

To keep Spike on the growth chart, to give him energy and to avoid him being attached to enteral feeds all day I have been driven to making food that is: nutrient rich, calorie high, free of restricted foods, appealing and extremely quick and easy to make.

It has been a challenge but a challenge we enjoy. I love the research and I love meeting the incredible teams of dieticians and gastroenterologist I have been privileged to work with over the past 9 year. And as a family we love cooking and playing with food.

We will be sharing our recipes, fun facts and experiments to help you to positively engage your child with what is happening inside them. But firstly I want to share extract from my book Gut Feeling.

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