Let's talk...FOOD

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

It's heartbreaking for parents who are struggling to feed their children.

I know I'm not the only Mum given the task of fattening up their child. So I can’t be the only Mum who is sick to death of turning on the radio only to hear someone extol the virtues of their clean living zero calorie cook book.

So this January, whilst most of the country are on a diet, Spike and I have decided to expand on ‘Gut Feeling’, a parents guide to gastroenterology, and we are going to write the 'Gut Feeling Cook Book'. It will be full of extremely easy recipes that are rich enough in calories to fill a little stomach with energy... and we will be sharing our recipes with you - BUT you have to give us your feedback!

In 2019 we also plan to talk FOOD.

Spike will tell you how it feels to be nil by mouth and attached to machines.

I will share with you how heartbreaking it is to care for a child who can't always eat. A child who is afraid of food, who struggles with energy and who has to be plugged into machines to supplement their calories.

And we will share extracts from 'Gut Feeling' .... which has been edited and endorsed by gastroenterologist, dieticians and psychologist.

Let's not struggle on alone. Let's share our knowledge, let's share our recipes and let's share our food projects.

Email me your stories, share your pictures with us on instagram and please let me know what you would like to read more of.

Happy New Year.

And here is our first recipe - Spike's breakfast - pancakes.

We look forward to your feedback....