I do a heck of a lot of unpleasant cleaning and on a quest to improve my eco-credentials I fell upon #Splosh.

They use non toxic ingredients, are not tested on animals (they are vegan friendly) and you refill your bottles so there is no plastic waste! It’s so simple. LOVE IT!

You start by ordering a pre-selected starter box or you can make up your own.

Each bottle comes with a concentrate sachet, some are ready to use and others need to be mixed with hot water. Everything is explained in a colourful and well designed “Getting Started” manual.

When you are running out of product you just order refills through the website or app. Delivery is quick and the products arrive in neat little recyclable boxes that fit through the letter box. Refill your bottles and send pouches back for reprocessing, postage is always free. It really couldn't be easier.

If you would like to try it I can offer £3 off your first starter pack. Just go to and enter the following code: 4395DD.

There are loads of different things to choose from but I use these:

Toilet bowel cleaner mint & eucalyptus - it smells amazing and is perfect for a messy and smelly ostomate!

Washing up liquid grapefruit - It's surprisingly frothy for a green product.

Floor Cleaner almond - is suitable for all floors and it seems to do the job. But that said our floor boards are very old and battered and dirt isn’t exactly obvious so i’m possibly not the best advocate.

Cleaner Clementine & lemon - I use the kitchen cleaner as a multi purpose, it works perfectly for me and smells fab - isn’t lemon an all round anticeptic?

Laundry powder jasmine - gets rid of our stains, i prefer it to the liquid ones. It smell fresh but not overpowering and you need surprisingly little. The silver pouch, it comes in is compostable and it's quite fun watching it decompose.

Dishwasher tablets - not sure what I can say here other than they work.

If you use the code 4395DD when ordering your first starter kit at, you get £3 off and I get a £1 credit for the first five people to use it. I make no money from the website so its always nice to get a little reward!

Email me your cleaning stories, share your pictures with us on instagram and please let me know what you would like to read more of.